About Alex

Alex grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts and moved to Abington in 1987 when his son Brian was four years old. Alex coached soccer, baseball and basketball when his son was young and immediately felt a connection to the community he calls home.

Alex and his wife Lisa are proud small business owners operating BTA Building and Remodeling, a small building and remodeling company. In addition, Alex also owns a small commercial solar and LED lighting company, Madison Energy Solutions, with his business partners Rick Middleton and Kevin Chiles . Both businesses are located in Abington. As a small business owner, Alex understands the challenges small time entrepreneurs face in this state.

In addition to business pursuits, Alex and Lisa founded The HUG Foundation shortly after Alex lost his sister Linda to cancer several years ago. HUG, which stands for “Help Us Give” was founded with the intention of helping people who may have stumbled onto hard times and need financial assistance. After Linda died, Alex and Lisa realized how expensive it was for people to visit loved ones in the hospital between parking, time off of work and other related expenses.

In the early 1990's, Alex was appointed to the Abington Conservation Commission and spent 22 years on that board, 15 years as Chairman.

In 2015, Alex was elected to the Abington Board of Selectmen.

Alex was recently elected Chair of the Plymouth County Democratic League in January 2019.